Second year students visit preschool


LASC 216 (Site Design) students have visited their very first real-life client, the Lincoln University Childhood Centre (LUECC). The site visit happened on the July 7 and was aimed at collecting information that will support a class project focused on the redesign of the LUECC outdoor area, including their gardens and playground areas.

The project involves the preparation of a landscape concept plan, and a concept for planting design. Students’ proposals shall respond to the client’s requirements as highlighted in the site visit.

Students have until July 29 to develop their proposals with the support of their tutors and project leaders Silvia Tavares and Jess Rae.

This is the first of a three-stage project where the students will then have the chance to go deeper into defining planting strategies and construction details (LASC 216 Project 2). After the conclusion of Project 2 students will have a chance to present their projects to the LUECC staff and parents, who will choose the winner. The winner will then form the basis for next year’s LASC 393 (Practicum).

The main outcome of this project is the development of students’ competence and understanding of the issues, approaches and procedures of landscape site planning and design. This project is also designed to supports LASC 216 expected outcomes regarding students abilities to undertake site planning and design projects at a range of scales; develop design details and documentation that appropriately contributes to overall design goals; and appreciate a range of drivers for design and a range of approaches to design development and resolution.

The LUECC project emphasises a strong sense of place, the relationship between site use and site design; the development of innovative and expressive design; and moreover this project is particularly valuable regarding Lincoln University’s engagement with the wider community.

Written by Silvia Tavares

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